Packed and Ready to Roll

It’s graduation week and I am not graduating with my classmates. Instead, I am headed on a world tour to the Middle East and Europe with a quick pit stop in Africa. I definitely am disappointed to not share the moment with classmates and family, but this was a trade off I knew about when I was accepted for the project.

With that said, I am incredibly excited for the journey to begin. My bags are packed, my apartment has been cleared out, I’ve said many goodbyes, and tomorrow is the big day. The itinerary goes as follows: Columbus – Dulles – Dubai. Wheels up at 2:45pm.

I plan to update the blog with some of the fun and interesting stories that I experience, and the rest of my traveling buddies experience in the first 3 weeks of the trip. As I depart from the UAE, I will connect through Egypt en route to Spain where I will spend a couple days with my girlfriend and a buddy, before the remaining week is on my own. I hope you enjoy the read.


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