Do not use Du – Day 7

Today, we started hammering out the details and follow ups from yesterday’s client meeting. After the last couple days of eating weird stuff, for lunch today, I convinced Matt and Travis to walk down to KFC. While I could have had some “more unique” options, I went with a more standard choice – fried chicken and fries.


I let Joey go with the more unique food option today; he bought Nile River fish.


I have also been having issues with my Du SIM card – basically running through data faster than you can drink water out here. Basically, every time I go to CNN or ESPN (my staples), it uses 3 MB of data – which is insane. At that rate, I’d go through my 1 GB of data in 5 days. Because of this, I logged an issue with them a few days ago and they said they’d respond in a few days. I should also note that it took significant prodding on my part to get them to log the issue as they said, what you use is what you use. When they called back today, it was their billing group and they asked for someone who was not me, but they had my phone number and issue number – we were off to a great start. She followed that up by saying the charges were correct. 2 for 2.

Well, I know their system shows I’m using all the data, I want to understand how all that data is being used to visit a simple website – this had been my original request. After going through 20 minutes of one of the worst customer service help sessions I can remember, I finally got her to agree to have her manager speak with me – however he needed to call me back. In the interim, I decided to walk downstairs to the Du store, where it took forever for them to understand that I wasn’t playing mobile games 24 hours a day to run up that type of data usage. Anyway, the jury is still out on getting it fixed, but the verdict is in on Du – I don’t recommend them.

Our next adventure was that Travis, Matt and I went to the beach tonight – originally I thought it was a great way to get out of the condo (we have mostly been working in the unit, so we barely leave here), but Travis wanted to use his quadricopter that he brought with him on the trip. For those that aren’t familiar with it, as I’m assuming most of you were in the same boat as me, it is a four propelled, mini flying machine. It can fly straight up in the air 1,000 feet and go side to side.


When we went to the beach with Travis planning to fly this machine, I had no idea what to expect. Once he set up the machine, it blew a cloud of dust up in the air as it took off like a rocket. He also had attached a camera to it, which provided some great views of the coast and skyline.


Travis’ quadricopter are the red and green lights on the way left side of the picture.

As we hung out on the beach, we chatted for a while about what we plan to do for our “Friday” night. Again, the UAE work week is Sunday to Thursday, so the weekend is almost here! With there being no sports bars, pubs, or nightclubs, options on a weekend night are very limited. We have also decided to do a desert adventure which includes dune bashing and sand boarding/skiing as well as a desert BBQ.


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